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We maintain an extensive inventory of pouch machinery Spare Parts for Blair-Fuehrer, Southern Packaging, Bartelt®, HMC and others . . .

Blair-Fuehrer Parts Program

Customized Parts

Our detailed equipment manuals include a complete spare parts list for your equipment. We encourage you to keep spare parts available as part of your preventative maintenance program and to protect against unexpected failure that can cause downtime. In either case, we are here to assist you.

RUSH Orders

With a full inventory of common wear parts, we can replace items with immediate same day service or overnight delivery. We understand the urgency of getting your equipment back in operation.

Standard Delivery

Our knowledgeable team can help you identify and order parts. We will keep you informed on equipment upgrades and offer preferred pricing for enhancement kits.

Bartelt®/HMC Parts Program

There are thousands of horizontal pouch machines in service today throughout a wide range of industries. We have an extensive inventory of parts for these machines. A majority of the items are manufactured in-house in our fully equipped machine shop, saving you time and money on every order!

Leading this effort to supply parts for all the Blair-Fuehrer, Bartelt®, HMC and other horizontal machines is Pam Rock, our Spare Parts Manager. Call today for parts at a competitive price with exceptional delivery and service.

High Speed Funnel Conversion Kits

With our experienced parts and service technicians, Blair-Fuehrer continues to supply a large number of High Speed Funnel Conversions. Most users of horizontal pouch machines are not aware that this conversion is available. Blair-Fuehrer has developed a complete field retrofit friendly kit to allow the conversion to take place in the customer's plant.

The funnel conversion has proven to increase speeds up to 50%. These increases have been well documented by our customers and we have references if you wish to discuss this opportunity for your existing lines.

Blair-Fuehrer's service personnel are also available for service or training of your personnel along with program maintenance/service plans.

Bartelt® is a registered trademark of KHS USA, Inc.